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Easter Hurricane Lamp Candle Holders With Bunny Motifs

Hurricane lamps can be decorated into quick centerpieces for the table for any time of the year. For this project, two hurricane lamps were transformed into Easter candle holders with a minimal amount of supplies. These also make also lovely and inexpensive gifts if you are invited for an Easter brunch or dinner.



Easter Glass Candle Holder With Bunny Motifs 1

Material list for these candle holders:

- tall and wide glass vases or hurricane
- olive green felt wool on a roll
- green decorative rocks in the colors
- hanging decoration of your choice - here wooden rabbits found in a home decoration store were used
- dark yellow candle
- hot glue gun


1. About 5 cm below the top rim, add a dot of hot glue and place your wool on this spot. Wrap the wool about 4 complete times around the glass. Randomly add a dot of hot glue to guarantee that the wool stays in place while you are wrapping it around. When 4 rounds are completed, end at the same point where you started and cut off the excess wool. Hot glue a dot and press the end into the glue.
2. Knot your hanging decoration to the bottom wool row and clip the hanging string down to the knot.
3. Pour decorative rocks about 5-7 centimeters high (or as much as you like) to the bottom of the lamp.
4. Add your candle.

Easter Glass Candle Holder With Bunny Motifs 2
What is behind my back?

Easter Glass Candle Holder With Bunny Motifs 3
A tulip for you!




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Easter Hurricane Lamp Candle Holders With Bunny Motifs

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Easter Glass Candle Holder With Bunny Motifs





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