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Paper Napkin Decorated Easter Candle

A plain white candle and a decorative paper napkin with an Easter motif are all you need to create this project.



Easter Craft - Candle with Bunny and Chick

For this project you will need:

- white candle about 60-70 mm in diameter
- paper napkin with Easter motif
- paper napkin applique glue

*This candle should be used as a decoration rather than burning it down.


1. Pull away all but the top layer of your paper napkin. Tear the top edge of the napkin so it has an uneven edge. This looks more decorative than a straight cut edge.
2. Now apply glue to the candle and press the napkin carefully on to the glue at the middle. Use a soft paint brush and glue to now adhere the napkin all around the candle. Try to flatten out any air bubbles that may occur during this process. Be careful not to tear the napkin. Carefully paint a layer of glue over the napkin to seal it.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Paper Napkin Applique

Paper Napkin Decoupage


Easter Craft - Candle and Card with Bunny and Chick
An Easter card was also created using the same paper napkin.




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Easter Craft - Candle with Bunny and Chick





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