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Lilac Easter Bunny Card

After the long dark grey months of winter, we desire color when spring arrives. This card is easily made and looks cheerful in the tones of lilac and purple. You are not limited to the color of lilac and can of course use any color you would like.



Easter Card - Purple Hopping Easter Bunny

For this project you will need:

- blank white card
- mulberry paper in purple (or color of choice)
- fiber paper in lilac
- fiber paper in white
- self sticking foil (Aslan Foil*)
- thin metal wire in silver
- small clear beads
- hole puncher with eyelets in silver
- motif puncher with flower
- scissors
- stick glue
- 3-D foam tape
- white cardstock with printer
- bunny template

Craft Pattern:

Rabbit running

Running Rabbit Template






1. Print out the pattern below to fit the width of a greeting card.
2. Make a template with the pattern and trace it on the backside of the self sticking foil. Cut the pattern roughly out.
3. Remove the protective paper and stick the sticky side of the foil to the backside of the mulberry paper and now cut the motif exactly out.
4. Punch a small hole in the bunny for an eye.
5. Tear a piece of each of the fiber papers and glue them to the card using the stick glue.
6. Place foam tape on the backside of the bunny and stick it to the card.
7. Cut a short piece of the wire and add some beads to it. Place the wire on the card in an attractive way. You can use the bunny to hold the wire secure onto the card.
8. Print out “Happy Easter” in purple on white cardstock and cut it evenly out.
9. Punch 2 flowers out. Stick the “Happy Easter” sign on the card using foam tape and then lay a flower on 2 corners. Punch a hole through each of the flowers and through the card. Secure the flowers with eyelets.

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