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Fuzzy Plastic Canvas Bunny

Fuzzy Easter Bunny Ornament Made With Plastic Canvas

Isn’t this bunny adorable? Because of the fuzzy yarn, one cannot even tell the ornament is made using plastic canvas, either.

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Paper Easter Bunny Ornament

Stitched Cardboard Easter Bunny Ornament

Flower scrapbook paper gives this otherwise plain cardboard bunny a romantic look.

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Decopatch Easter Bunny Ornament

Decopatch Easter Bunny Ornament

At craft stores you can purchase acrylic figures in all shapes and for all seasons.Using different papers to decoupage them gives the item a sort of patchwork look which makes it unique.

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Craft Project for Easter - Wooden Spoon Easter Bunny

Wooden Spoon Easter Rabbit

Wooden spoons are not just for the kitchen anymore. They can be used to create cute characters such as this Easter rabbit.

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