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Easter Crafts - White Cardboard Tube Easter Bunny

Cardboard Tube Easter Bunny

This is a cute and easy project if you are looking for a quick to make table or shelf decoration for Easter. One idea would be to create a set of these and use them as decoration for an Easter brunch table.

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Easter Card - Purple Hopping Easter Bunny

Lilac Easter Bunny Card

After the long dark grey months of winter, we desire color when spring arrives. This card is easily made and looks cheerful in the tones of lilac and purple.

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Easter Egg Plant Stick

Decoupaged Styrofoam Eggs Plant Sticks

Your green plants will attain new color in spring with this project.

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Easter Craft for Kids - Cute Craft Stick Brown Easter Bunny

Craft Stick Easter Bunny

Craft sticks are fun and inexpensive items to use when crafting with children. Encourage the kids to paint and decorate their bunnies and to even add other embellishments. Afterwards, your help as a parent or provider is necessary to complete the bunnies because the usage of a glue gun and a drill is necessary.

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Craft Stick White Easter Bunny

Craft Stick White Easter Bunny

This project is easy for kids to make. They can use the bunnies as a hanger for an Easter tree or even as bookmarkers for their favorite piece of literature or even as a small gift for Easter cards.

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Paper Easter Egg and Bunny Ornaments

Easter Egg and Bunny Ornaments

Arent these little bunnies adorable? The motifs were found on paper napkins and are perfect to adorn these paper eggs. If you cannot find paper napkins with similar motifs, try stickers or wrapping paper with bunnies.

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Wood Craft for Spring and Easter - Wooden Country Easter Bunny Plaque with Easter Eggs

Bunny and Eggs Wall Plaque

Welcome Easter with this cute Easter bunny sign for your door or walls. It is an easy project to saw out and if you are really persistent, it is also finished in a day.

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Metal Embossed Easter Bunny

Embossed Metal Bunny Plant Stick

This project is an easy way to embellish your green plants during spring (and all other seasons of the year) and all you basically need are paper napkins with large motifs and thin sheets of metal.

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Easter Bunny Paper Weight 200

Easter Bunny Paper Weight

This Easter bunny paper weight is a cute and practical addition for your office desk during the spring season.

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Wood Crafts for Easter - Cute White Easter Bunny Woodcraft

Happy Easter Bunny

This little bunny is an easy project to complete. The soft pastel colors give him a gentle look. Within a day, you can saw him out, paint him and have him as a decoration for your home at Easter. The bunny is thick enough to sit on its own.

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