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Easter Bunny Crafts

Bunnies are cute all year around so many of these projects are not only limited to the time around Easter.

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Bunny Stones as Decorations

Stones Embellished With Bunnies

Within a couple of minutes each stone is finished and just needs to dry.

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Happy Easter Card with Bunnies

Happy Easter Card with Bunnies

Cute little die cut bunnies adorn this cheerful Easter card.

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Kids Easter Craft - Needle Felted Bunny

Needle Felted Easter Ornaments

These motifs are simple and colorful and will be a fun challenge for kids to create in the spring.

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Sewing Craft for Easter - Felt Easter Bunny Project

Felt Easter Bunny

This soft and cute bunny is an extremely quick sewing craft for Easter and requires just a minimal amount of materials.

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Paper Craft for Easter - Paper Bunny Decoration 200

Paper Easter Bunny for Kids to Craft

This Easter Bunny stands on his own and makes a cute and easy to craft decoration. Kids can also create him to decorate the table on Easter morning. Instead gluing a heart to the center, create name tags with the names of each family or guest member.

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Craft Idea for Easter - Acrylic Egg with Easter Bunny Motif

3-D Easter Bunny in Acrylic Egg Ornament

This is a very lovely Easter egg and it is so easy to craft. It requires about 30 minutes to complete.

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Washcloth Easter Bunnies

Washcloth Easter Bunny Ornaments

The structure of the material give the bunnies a furry look and make them cute accessories for Easter.

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Easter Craft for Kids - Paper Easter Bunny

Wadded Paper Easter Bunny Ornament

This bunny looks really furry and cute and is a fun and simple Easter project for kids. Even the little ones can help by wadding paper balls needed for this project.

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Fun Foam Craft - Easter Bunny

Foam Easter Bunny 2

Fun foam is easy for kids to cut out and is a perfect material for creating this cheery Easter bunny. The directions are given for completing one side of the bunny. If making a decoration for the window or to hang freely in a room, it is recommended to decorate both sides of the bunny. Make sure to cut out the duplicate pieces in reverse.

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Easter Card - White Hopping Easter Bunny

Happy Easter Bunny Card

This card is crafted within minutes and looks very interesting with the various textures of the different papers.

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