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Stitched Cardboard Easter Bunny Ornament

Flower scrapbook paper gives this otherwise plain cardboard bunny a romantic look.



Paper Easter Bunny Ornament

For this project you will need:

- cardboard box sides
- scrapbook paper with flowers
- olive green embroidery floss and needle
- pricking needle and soft pricking mat
- stick glue

Craft Pattern:

Easter Bunny Pattern for Kids

Easter Bunny Template
(The pattern is also intended for another project. You will only need the basic bunny shape.)






1. Print out the bunny template and trace it once onto to a cardboard box side and twice onto scrapbook paper. One side of the paper will need to be cut in reverse.
2. Adhere the paper with stick glue to each side of the cardboard.
3. Following the example in the picture, prick holes at a regular interval along the outside of the bunny shape.
4. Use a blanket stitch to stitch along the holes.
6. Attach a piece of string to the top for hanging.




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