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Easter Basket Craft

This basket is made using a small cardboard tray that a pound of tomatoes were sold in and then was covered with printed paper.



Easter Basket

For one basket you will need:

- tray for tomatoes or other vegetable sold in a store or at the market
- heavy paper at least 24 x 34 centimeters long and 250 g/ m²
- stick glue
- soft mat and stylus
. bone folder
- wet craft glue
- hole puncher
- 2 brads matching paper
- scissors and ruler


Easter Basket Tutorial 1
1. This shows the cardboard tray and the paper that will be used for this project.

Easter Basket Tutorial 2
2. Open up the tray where it is glued together so it is flat on the surface.

Easter Basket Tutorial 3
3. Then turn the paper over and trace the outlines of the tray onto the paper. Try to trace it as close as you can to the edge of the paper, so you will have enough paper on the other side to still make handles with.

Easter Basket Tutorial 4
4. Fold back any of the creased edges and trace these onto the paper, too.

Easter Basket Tutorial 5
5. Now the entire tray has been traced.

Easter Basket Tutorial 6
6. All of the edges that were creased, also need to be creased on the paper. Place the paper onto the mat and use the stylus and ruler to crease these lines.

Easter Basket Tutorial 7
7. Take the bone folder and then burnish each of the creased lines so the paper will fold accurately.

Easter Basket Tutorial 8
8. Now the paper is ready to be glued onto the tomato tray.

Easter Basket Tutorial 9
9. Cover the backside of the paper with stick glue.

Easter Basket Tutorial 10
10. and then glue it onto the flat tomato tray.

Easter Basket Tutorial 11
11. Fold the tray back in place and use wet glue for it. This is much stronger and will hold the weight of the cardboard better. Use clothes pins or paper clips to hold the sides in place until they are dry.

Easter Basket Tutorial 12
12. Then cut 2 same sized strips from the remaining paper and glue these together with the right sides facing outward. By gluing two strips together, the handle will hold more weight and not tear as easily if picked up.

Easter Basket Tutorial 13
13. Then punch a hole in the center of both long sides of the tomato tray. Place the strip over each hole and mark the position and then punch a hole through both sides of the strip.

Easter Basket Tutorial 14
14. Use a brad on each side to hold the handle in place. Decorate or use the basket as you like.

Easter Basket Craft
This basket was inexpensive to make and looks great.




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Easter Basket





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