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DIY Autumn Candles Made From Used Candles

After burning candles, there are often remains that are unusable, possibly because the wicks are used up. Instead of throwing the candles away, save them because for this project, you can give them a new chance to burn again. This project is not only fun, but a frugal way to get the max out of any candles you may have, it avoids waste and you will be able to create seasonal decorations, as well. You don’t have to buy any special candle making items, in fact what you need may be in your kitchen already.

Here fall motifs and colors were used, but for other seasons or holidays, you can choose any form you like to fit the occasion.



DIY Autumn Candles From Used Candles

For this project you will need:

Used Candles
- used candles

Silicone Baking Form With Fall Motifs
- a silicone form (for baking) with large motifs such as leaves and pumpkins

- a pack of wicks
- a pot to melt the candles that can be placed in a second pot
- a pot of slow simmering boiling water (try to avoid that the boil is high because the water may splash into the pot of the
  candle wax)


DIY Candles Tutorial 1
1. Bring the pot of water to a slow boil. Place a couple of candles in the second melting pot. The candles will immediately start to melt. Avoid getting any water into the pot of the melting wax.

DIY Candles Tutorial 2
2. Soon the wax will be melted. If there are any old burned wicks in the melting wax, remove them with a fork before continuing.

DIY Candles Tutorial 3
3. Pour the melted wax into the forms. Wait about a minute or 2 and then place the wick in the center of the wax. If it does not want to stand on its own, use a toothpick to hold it into place for a couple of minutes until the wax starts to hold it on its own.

Add again candles to the pot and melt them to continue.

DIY Candles Tutorial 5
4. Once you have made as many candles as you like, let the candles set for several hours. Then once hardened, you can easily push them out of the silicone forms and they are ready for use. Trim the wicks down to about 1/4 inch (about 7 mm).

When burning the candles, place them only on candle glass or other underground that is intended for candles. Never leave the candles unattended when they are burning.


DIY Autumn Candle
To create the orange color, an old red, yellow and white candles were melted together.

Autumn Leaf Candle
Even though it is small in size, this candle burned for over 6 hours.

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