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Dish Towel Shopping Bag

Dish towels come in so many wonderful designs. With them, you can easily sew your own sturdy and practical shopping bags. Not only is the cost to make one of these is minimum, you can reuse your bag over and over and avoid plastic bags for groceries, which is a great advantage for our environment.



Dishtowel Shopping Bag

For this project you will need:

- 3 same size and same design dish towels
- sewing supplies and sewing machine
- quilter’s ruler

Instructions: Follow the step-by-step instructions and the pictures below.

Dishtowel Shopping Tote Tutorial 2
1. Place the first two dish towels with right sides facing over each other. Cut a 5 cm square from both sides of what will be the bottom of the bag. Now sew the 2 side seams together and the bottom seam together with a 1 cm seam allowance.

Dishtowel Shopping Tote Tutorial 3
2. This is one bottom corner. You will now match the side corner seam and the bottom corner seam together...

Dishtowel Shopping Tote Tutorial 4
3. this...

Dishtowel Shopping Tote Tutorial 5
4. ... and sew across this edge. Turn the bag and you now ...

Dishtowel Shopping Tote Tutorial 6
5. ...have a floor in the bag.

Dishtowel Shopping Tote Tutorial 8

6. To create the handles, you will now need the third towel. Cut 4 strips around 10-12 cm wide down the length of the towel. With right sides facing, sew 2 strips together on the short edges. Do the same with the other 2 strips. Now you have 2 very long strips. Fold each one lengthwise in half and sew down the long edge. Turn.

Dishtowel Shopping Tote Tutorial 9
7. These are your 2 handles. Decide now how long they should be and cut off the excess on the raw short edge.

Dishtowel Shopping Tote Tutorial 10
8. Pin each handle end about 5 cm inside of the bag where you would like it to be and sew in place.




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