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Maritime Stone Paper Weights

Maritime motifs adorn these stones being used as paper weights. Perfect for those sitting at a desk in an office somewhere and dream of summer holidays at the sea.



Stone Paper Weights - Maritime

For this project you will need:

- round smooth rocks (If possible they should be light colored or paint them with white acrylic paint first. A lighter color will
  make the paper napkin motif look more brilliant when it is applied to the stone)
- paper napkin with sea side motifs such as the ones you see above on the stones
- decoupage glue for paper napkins
- soft flat paint brush for applying paper napkin glue
- acrylic paint matching napkin (here a light blue paint was used)
- sponge for dabbing paint onto the stone


1. Select the paper napkin motifs you wish to use. They should fit the stone fully if possible. Then tear around the napkin motif, being careful not to damage the motif itself. Tearing the motif out of the napkin instead of cutting it gives it a more natural look when applied.
Apply a light coat of decoupage glue onto the stone and press the napkin carefully onto the stone. Use the flat paint brush and apply a light coat of decoupage glue on the entire napkin. Start at the center of the napkin and work towards the outer edges and smoothening out the wrinkles if any occur. The glue will saturate the napkin and adhere it to the stone. Be careful not to press the brush to hard onto the napkin. Once the glue has saturated the napkin, it can tear easy.
3. Let the glue dry before continuing.
4. Once the glue is dry, dip the sponge into the paint and dab the sponge on the stone and all around the napkin motif so that it blends in with the stone as much as possible. Let the paint dry and then the stones are ready for use.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Paper Napkin Applique

Paper Napkin Decoupage


Maritime Rock Paper Weights
The possibilities are unendless on how you can decorate stones.

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Maritime Rock Paper Weights



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