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Decoupaged Paper Maché Pumpkins

There is nothing boring about these pumpkins. Pretty papers in orange and yellow colors are glued on to them and make them unique decorations for the home.



Decopage Pumpkins 2

For this project you will need:

- paper mache pumpkins
- torn decopatch paper, fiber paper, thin wrapping paper, etc... in the colors of orange, yellow and gold
- green fiber paper for the stems
- decopage glue (here Decopatch glue was used)
- paint brush

Paper, Paper Mache Pumpkins and Decopage Glue
This project was made on paper mache pumpkins but you could also try decopaging a real pumpkin as well.

How to Make the Pumpkins:

Torn Paper for Decopage Pumpkins
1.Tear your papers and place them in piles in front of you.
2. Brush on glue onto your paper mache pumpkins and place the paper over the glue area. Brush glue over the paper.
3. Continue by brushing glue on the paper mache pumpkin and adding the next piece by overlapping it over previous pieces. Always brush glue on the newly added pieces as well. There should always be glue underneath your paper and also a coat covering it. Keep doing this procedure until the entire pumpkin is covered.

Decopage Pumpkins 1
No two pumpkins will be alike.





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