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Decopatch Paper Maché Pumpkin

This project is so much fun to do and if you make more than one, no two pumpkins will ever look alike.



Decopatch Paper Maché Pumpkin

For this project you will need:

- paper maché pumpkin
- decopatch paper
- decopatch glue
- paint brush

Paper Maché Pumpkin
Paper mache pumpkin used for this project.

Paper Used for Pumpkins
Decopatch dapers used for this project.


1. Tear the decopatch paper in 1-2 inch pieces. Use both papers to achieve an individual and unique look to the pumpkin.
2. Apply glue to the pumpkin. Start by adding the first piece of paper. Paint over the paper to coat it. Now add the next piece of paper by overlapping it partially over the first and brush glue over this piece. Continue in this manner and alternate with the papers until the entire pumpkin is finished.
3. Let the pumpkin completely dry.

Decopatch Paper Maché Pumpkin 2 - Side View
A pumpkin that will not go bad after autumn is over.





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