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Decopatch Papermache Picture Frame

You can purchase decopatch paper in many different patterns and colors. Decopatch paper combined with decopatch glue is easy to use, the paper does not tear when wet and the glue does not soak through the paper. It is perfect to use when you wish to alter various objects simple paper mache objects such as this frame. There is no set pattern to adhering your paper to the frame and therefore it will become an unique work of art when complete.



Decopatch Papermache Frame

For this project you will need:

- decopatch tissue paper in color of choice
- decopatch glue
- paper mache frame
- white acrylic paint
- paint brush


1. Paint the paper mache form white and let it dry before continuing. The paper has a more brilliant color when it is light underneath it.
2. Cut the decopatch tissue paper in small 2 inch squares or triangles. The paper does not have to be perfectly cut out. The more irregular, the more interesting.
3. Apply a coat of decopatch glue to a small section of the frame and press the first piece of paper onto the glue. Smoothen the paper with your brush and completely cover the paper with a coat of decopatch glue. Add more glue to the frame next to the first piece you just added and overlap this first piece slightly with a second piece. Apply glue to cover the second piece. Add the next piece in the same manner and continue until the entire frame front is covered.





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Decopatch Papermache Frame



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