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Fancy Paper Maché Duck

This duck knows that she is unique with her pretty “feathers” and is very proud to show them.



Decopatch Duck 1

For this project you will need:

- paper maché duck form
- Decopatch paper with feathers and gold Decopatch paper
- Decopatch glue of choice (we used one with a satin finish)
- small flat paint brush
- two 6 mm half beads for the eyes or carefully cut a 6 mm wooden bead through the middle to half it
- craft glue for applying the eyes


1. Tear the feathers Decopatch paper in several 3-5 cm pieces (the shape of the pieces does not matter) and place in a pile. Also tear small pieces of gold Decopatch paper to cover the bill and feet of the duck.
2. Brush the Decopatch glue on an area of the duck and apply the feathers paper into the glue. Brush glue to coat the paper each time you add them. There should always be glue under and over the paper. Alternate glue and paper and keep adding new pieces until the duck body is covered.
3. Now do the same as above with the gold paper for the bill and the feet.
4. Once the duck is completly dry, glue on the eyes.

Decopatch paper comes in a wide variety of designs and is so easy to use. The paper is thin and yet brilliant in color. The duck here was a brown paper maché duck and did not need to be painted a light color before applying the paper. The Decopatch glue has a nice luster to it as well.

Decopatch Duck 3

Decopatch Duck 2
The duck with a sweet look on her face.





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