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Paper Daisy Plant Poke

Within a short time, you can make a simple daisy like this to decorate any green plant in your home. Another charming idea is to make a bouquet of these daisies. Fill a charming terracotta pot with sand and place the finished daisies in the pot. It makes a nice decoration for a shelf or a window sill.



Paper Craft for Summer and All Occasions - Paper Daisy Plant Poke

For this project you will need:

- pattern below for the flower
- white aquarell or watercolor textured cardstock - the stronger the quality the better
- yellow cardstock
- stylus and foam mat
- thin wooden stick or skewer
- green permanent marker
- yellow aquarell or watercolor pencil
- small paint brush and water
- craft glue
- 3-d foam tape pieces
- hot glue gun

Craft Pattern:

Flowers and leaf

Daisy and Leaf Template





Instructions for three daisies:

Paper Daisy Tutorial 1
1. For each daisy, print out and trace the flower pattern twice on the white aquarell or watercolor paper.

Paper Daisy Tutorial 2
2. Cut the flowers out and use the stylus to draw a line down the center of each petal.

Paper Daisy Tutorial 3
3. Then take the water color pencil and draw a line along one side of each petal.

Paper Daisy Tutorial 4
4. Then dip the paint brush into water and go over the drawn line to soften it. Use the water to carry the color a little over the petal to enhance the look but do not completely fill it out. Set the flowers aside to dry.

Paper Daisy Tutorial 5 
5. Then bend each petal a little inward along the line created by the stylus. This will give the petals a little depth.

Paper Daisy Tutorial 6
6. On the back side of 3 petals, place a piece of foam tape in the center and peel away the paper backing of the tape.

Paper Daisy Tutorial 7
7. This is now how the flowers look like.

Paper Daisy Tutorial 8
8. Cut a 1.5 cm circle for each flower and glue to the center.

Paper Daisy Tutorial 9
9. Cut out 6 leaves and also draw a line through each with the stylus. Bend each leaf also a little inward.
10. Color each wooden skewer green with the marker. Then hot glue one flower and 2 leaves to each skewer and you are finished.

Paper Craft for Summer and All Occasions - Paper Daisy Plant Poke 2
These make lovely plant sticks for green plants or create a bunch of them and make a bouquet for a special someone.





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Paper Craft for Summer and All Occasions - Paper Daisy Plant Poke



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