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Daisies Made From Empty Paper Towel Rolls/Tubes

When flattened and cut, paper tubes look like flower petals as well as leaves. After a bit of painting and gluing a small bouquet of daisies was created to give a touch of spring to the window sill.



Paper Tube Daisy 2

For one flower you will need:

- an empty paper towel roll (tube)
- ruler
- scissors
- 2 yellow buttons
- hot glue gun
- a wooden skewer
- paint brush
- acrylic paint in the colors of green and white


1. Press the paper roll flat and cut 1.5 centimeter segments out of it. You will need 7 segments for one flower.
2. Paint five of the segments completely with white paint and the other two completely with green paint.
3. Paint the wooden skewer also green.
4. When all of the pieces are dry, first glue two of the white segments together and at the same time, sandwich the green wooden skewer between the “petals”. Now glue the remaining 3 white segments onto the first two and create a flower shape in the process.
5. Glue the two green segments onto the skewer as if they were leaves.
6. Glue a button onto each side of the center of the flower.

Paper Tube Daisy 4

Paper Tube Daisy 6

Paper Tube Daisy 5
Place the flowers in a small glass filled with sand or even use them as plant sticks to color up some green plants you may have.

Thank you Fave Crafts for including this project on your website!




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