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Egg Cup Daffodils

Save those egg cartons! Look at the daffodils you can make with them. From the distance, these look almost real. A single daffodil looks nice in a glass, but a whole bouquet of them looks really impressive. Like a garden in the spring.



Spring Recycling Craft - Egg Carton Daffodils

For this project you will need:

- egg cups cut away from egg cartons
- yellow heavy weight construction paper
- green construction paper
- yellow acrylic or tempera paint
- yellow or green straw with bendable neck (this enables you to bend the head of the flower in different directions)
- strong glue that will also hold plastic to paper

Ages 9 and older

Craft Pattern:

Daffodil Flower Template

Daffodil Template






1. Cut out the egg cups and paint them yellow and place aside for drying.
2. Print out and trace the patterns onto yellow and green construction paper. Cut out. Fold the green leaves lengthwise in the middle to create a more realistic look.
3. When the egg cup is dry, poke a hole through the center that is large enough for the straw to fit through. Also poke a hole through the center of the flower.
4. Glue the egg cup onto the flower, lining up the holes.

5. Shorten the straw above the bendable neck to about half the length. Cut into this area about 3 times so you can fold down this area some. This will be the area that will be glued into the egg cup for holding the straw.

Straw in the Egg Cup
6. Now insert the straw into the front of the flower until you have reached the cut areas in step 5. The remaining part of the straw including the bendable neck are behind the flower petal (construction paper). Fold these pieces over and glue them into the egg cup.

7. Glue the leaves at the bottom to each other. Once you have done this, glue the bottom of the straw over the bottom of the leaves. Arrange in a vase. Bend a couple of the leaves downwards for an extra realistic look.




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Spring Recycling Craft - Egg Carton Daffodils





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