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Paper Napkin Decoupage Technique - Cupcakes Picture

Even if you do not know how to paint, you can still achieve a hand painted look for just little cost. This is great when you just want to add a new detail to a room without investing a fortune. With a paper napkin of choice, like this one with a design from a French café, some crackle medium and a paint brush you can get started. There will be a couple of drying steps in between so this project may require up to one day to finish.



Cupcakes Picture 1

For this project you will need:

- stretched canvas board in a square shape
- paper napkin of choice
- paper napkin applique glue or decopage glue
- crackling medium
- white paint and a second paint in a darker contrasting color that matches the color scheme of the paper napkin
- soft flat paint brush


1. First you need to paint the canvas board in the darker constrasting color and let it dry before continuing.
2. Once the paint is dry, add a coat of crackling medium to the surface and let it again dry before continuing.
3. Now comes the fun part. Brush on the white paint and make sure not to go over the same brush stroke twice. Cover the canvas completely with the paint and watch how the medium almost immediately starts to crackle. Let the paint dry before continuing.
4. Tear your paper napkin motif out that you wish to use. You can see here the soft pink edge around the scallops was torn, rather than cut. The tearing gives the picture a more natural look to it. If you cut it out the lines look harsh. Remove all but the top layer of the paper napkin motif you choose to use. Lay it over the canvas and then brush a thin coat of paper napkin applique glue over the napkin. Start in the middle of the motif and work your way out to the edges, trying to avoid any wrinkling of the napkin and also being careful not to tear the napkin once it is saturated with the glue.

This picture was kept flat. But if you wanted to add extra detail, you could take a second napkin quarter and prepare 3 cupcakes separately onto to card, using the “Paper Napkin Applique With Fusible Web Technique” and then adhere the motifs with 3-D foam tape over the motifs on the canvas to give them depth.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Paper Napkin Applique with Fusible Web Tutorial

Paper Napkin Decoupage With Fusible Web Tutorial


Cupcakes Picture 2
You can see the crackling show through the paper napkin motif which gives it a sort of antique look.




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