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Crochet Clothesline Catchall Basket

Anything can be used for crafting. In this case, after finding some leftover clothesline in a box, an experiment was tried to see if the line can be used to create a crochet basket. Sure enough it worked. Though stiff to crochet with because of the wire at the core of the line, it was still easy to do. The wire in the core does have an advantage of helping the basket keep shape. The texture of the basket feels interesting as well due to the stitches. This basket is practical in the hallway to keep keys and small items from getting lost or misplaced.



Crochet Clothesline Catchall Basket

For this project, these items were used:

- 20 meters or 65+ feet of plastic clothesline in a color of your choice
- 12 mm crochet hook (or size O/17 for US)
Plastic Clothesline


Clothesline Basket Tutorial 1
1. Chain 5 stitches and slip stitch first chain to last chain to form a circle. Then crochet 20 DC (double crochet) stitches in the center of the circle. Once you reach the end, slip stitch the last stitch to the first stitch to close off the row.

Clothesline Basket Tutorial 2
2. Chain 3 (counts as first DC).

Clothesline Basket Tutorial 4
3. DC in same stitch again.

Clothesline Basket Tutorial 5
4. Then crochet 2 DC in every stitch around the circle. This will double your amount of stitches to 40. Slip stitch the last DC to the top of the first stitch created by the chain 3 at the beginning of this row. Already at this point this row has turned up to create a side wall for the basket.

You can stop at this point if you like if you want your basket to have a low side wall. Because we did not have a large amount of line left, we did a row of slip stitches around the basket to add a little more height. If you have more line, you can add a row of SC or DC. In this particular row, only crochet 1 stitch into each stitch. This will keep the stitch amount at 40 and simply add a straight vertical row onto the basket.

When finished, weave the loose ends towards the bottom and underneath the basket to keep them out of sight.

Crochet Basket Using Plastic Clothesline
This project is finished in under an hour!

If you like organizing, you will find a lot more crochet basket ideas on All Free Crochet.





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Crochet Clothesline Catchall Basket

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