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Craft Stick White Easter Bunny

This project is easy for kids to make. They can use the bunnies as a hanger for an Easter tree or even as bookmarkers for their favorite piece of literature or even as a small gift for Easter cards.



Craft Stick White Easter Bunny

For this project you will need:

- jumbo craft or popsicle stick
- white acrylic paint
- pink half bead
- pink ribbon
- white piece of chenille
- strong craft glue
- black fine permanent marker
- drill with 1.5mm bit if being used for hanging

Ages 7 and older


1. Paint the craft stick white. It dries quickly and if the kids wish, a second coat can be painted if necessary.
2. Create a “V” shape out of chenille and glue to the backside of the craft stick.
3. Glue on the pink half bead and dot 2 eyes and draw the facial features.
4. Blush the cheeks with chalk to add a cute touch to the bunny.
5. Tie a ribbon around the figure and make a simple bow.
6. Parents may wish to drill a small hole in the top to create a possibility to hang the bunny.




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