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Craft Stick Easter Bunny

Craft sticks are fun and inexpensive items to use when crafting with children. Encourage the kids to paint and decorate their bunnies and to even add other embellishments. Afterwards, your help as a parent or provider is necessary to complete the bunnies because the usage of a glue gun and a drill is necessary.



Easter Craft for Kids - Cute Craft Stick Brown Easter Bunny

For this project you will need:

- craft stick
- acrylic paint in brown, white and red
- magic markers in black and red
- very small paint brush
- small bristle paint brush
- thin red ribbon
- brown chenille
- white 15 mm pompom for the tail
- drill with 1.5 mm bit
- hot glue gun (parental assistance is recommended / required)


1. First you must paint the craft stick and let it dry. This takes about 10 minutes at the most.
2. Use the black magic marker and dot on 2 eyes. Take the paint brush and use the stick end. Dip it into the white paint and dot a small dot on each eye. This resembles light reflections. You can continue with the bunny, but be careful to let these dots dry without touching them.
3. Take the red magic marker and dot on a red nose. Dip the bristle paint brush into the red paint. Wipe the most of the paint off again onto a piece of paper towel so that the paintbrush is almost dry. Brush on “rosy cheeks” on the bunny on each side of the nose.
4. Take the black magic marker and draw thin whiskers over the rosy cheeks. Draw a line under the nose and make a dot under the line for a mouth.
5. Tie a piece of ribbon around the stick where the neck should be and knot is.

This is where parents should help:

6. Hot glue a pompom on the backside of the bunny.
7. Drill a small hole in the top of the head. Pull a piece of thread for hanging through the hole and knot it off.
8. Bend the chenille to a “M” shape to look like bunny ears and hot glue this to the backside of the bunny head.

Easter Craft for Kids - Cute Craft Stick Brown Easter Bunny - Backside
Backside of the bunny

Ages 8 and older




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Easter Craft for Kids - Cute Craft Stick Brown Easter Bunny





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