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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Recycling Cans for Craft Stash or Supplies

This project makes organizing your craft stash more easy.



Recycling Cans for Craft Room 1

1. First you need a clean can with a lid such as a cappucino can. The best is if the can has a paper wrapping to make gluing easier.

Recycling Cans for Craft Room 2

2. Place the lid on the can and measure the can from the bottom edge of the lid to the bottom of the can. If the can bottom has a metal looking trim, you may wish to only measure to this point since the rim gives the can a nice finish.

Recycling Cans for Craft Room 3

3. Place your paper on a cutting mat.

Recycling Cans for Craft Room 4

4. This particular can was 15 cm high so a 15 cm high strip of pattern paper or cardstock was cut out. Then cut the width of the paper so it will cover the can plus 1 cm overlap.

Recycling Cans for Craft Room 5

5. Brush glue on the can where you will be putting the first side edge of the paper. Then press the paper onto the glue.

Recycling Cans for Craft Room 6

6. Wrap the paper completely and tightly around the can making sure that it is still perfectly aligned with the top and bottom edges and then glue the second side edge over the first. It is not necessary to add glue in between if you pull the paper tightly enough. Make sure to press the side edge down thoroughly, so it will be flat.

Recycling Cans for Craft Room 7

7. Now it is time to cover the lid so it matches the can. The entire lid will not be covered, but enough to hide the previous label plus a little more. The previous label was hard to remove, so this seemed like a good solution.

Recycling Cans for Craft Room 8

8. Because the center of the lid is indented in a bit, a cereal box circle measuring 5 cm (that was the size of the indention) was cut out to fill it and prevent the label from sinking in.

Then a 7 cm circle was cut out of cardboard cereal box as well as a 7 cm scrapbook paper circle.

Recycling Cans for Craft Room 9

9. First glue the smaller 5 cm circle in the center of the lid.

Recycling Cans for Craft Room 10

10. Like this.

Recycling Cans for Craft Room 11

11. Then glue the scrapbook paper circle onto the cereal box circle.

Recycling Cans for Craft Room 12

12. Then glue the larger circle onto the lid so it looks like this.

Recycling Cans for Craft Room 13

13. To finish, all you need to do is choose a font for the label and print out what will be in your can. The font used here is called “Paris” from Windows and the size 48 was used.




Recycling Cans for Craft Supplies
Organizing the Craft Room - Recycling Cans for Craft Supplies
We enjoy instant chocolate cappucino and have been collecting the empty cans for quite some time. It just seemed a shame to throw them out when they could be useful for other purposes. At the same time, the stash in the craft room was needing some organizing. That is when this idea came up to use the cans for that. With pretty paper the cans got a face lift and labels were then printed to indicate what is inside each can. Now the room looks a lot more tidy in a colorful and harmonious way.




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