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Recycling Cardboard Boxes - Country Stars

There is something natural and simple about cardboard boxes and one seems to always have a couple lying around. This time a box side was used to create stars which make charming Christmas ornaments for a country tree. Create lots of these at the cost of practically nothing.



Country Stars 1

For this project you will need:

- a cardboard box that is still easy to cut with scissors or with a craft knife
- fabric remnants - here a fabric from Westfalenstoffe (a German company which makes lovely country looking fabrics)
- old buttons
- stick glue
- craft glue
- fishing thread or nylon thread for hanging if you use these as ornaments

Craft Pattern:

Stars Templates


Dimensional 5-Pointed Star

Star Template


Star Templates





Instructions for one star:

1. Print out the star template or use a star pattern of your choice and in two sizes so that one can fit nicely onto the other. Glue the patterns on a piece of cereal box and cut the stars out. Now you have a stable templates to trace around. Especially if you plan to make lots of these, the stable template is very helpful. Trace the star shapes now onto a cardboard box cut the stars out.
2. Also trace the smaller of the two stars on the backside of your fabric and cut it out. Use stick glue and glue the fabric star onto the small cardboard star.
3. Use craft glue and glue buttons now onto the star.
4. Once the stars are dried, they are ready to use.




Country Stars 2
The stars can also be used as package toppers or even as embellishments for Christmas cards, tags or scrapbook pages.


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