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Wine Cork Gold Angel

This sweet angel is an adorable craft for kids to create for the holidays. She can be used as a tree decoration or kids can create a numerous amount of angels and create a choir or orchestra of angels as a table decoration. For the choir, kids could fold small squares of paper and glue them to the front of the angels to look like song books. For an orchestra, kids could cut trumpet, harp or violin shapes out of gold cardstock and add them to the front of the angels.



Christmas Craft for Kids - Golden Cork Angel

For this project you will need:

- wine cork
- small wooden bead or styrofoam ball measuring 2.5 cm
- gold, black, red and flesh color paint
- gold glittery yarn
- gold ribbon netting (20 cm piece)
- small gold ribbon for bow
- silver wire for halo
- hot glue gun or thick craft glue

Ages 8 and older


Parents or supervisors should assist the kids when using the hot glue gun!

1. Paint the cork gold and the wood bead or styrofoam ball flesh and let the pieces dry. Glue them together when dry.
2. Fold each end of the netting to the middle and overlap these ends. Take a piece of wire and wrap around this middle section, thus creating a simple bow shape. Lay aside.
3. Create also a bow out of the thin ribbon and lay aside for a moment.
4. Cut a few pieces of the gold glitter yarn and gather the pieces together. Tie the bundle off at the middle and glue this to the top of the head (ball). Pull the hairs in different directions so that the entire head is covered with hair.
5. Cut a piece of the wire and form a loop at one end. Bend this loop in a 90° angle. Glue the long end to the backside of the head underneath the hair.
6. Dot 2 eyes and a mouth on the angel’s face.
7. Glue the netting bow to the back side of the angel as wings.
8. Glue the small bow to the front side of the angel.




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Christmas Craft for Kids - Golden Cork Angel




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