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Decorative Corded Balls

To create these, all you need are different sized styrofoam balls, cording and strong double sided tape. Afterwards you can leave them as is or decorate them with sequins and beads for extra sparkle. It is so easy to make this set of balls to use as decoration for a centerpiece in the fall or to fill a vase in the colors of the season.



Decorative Corded Styrofoam Balls

For this project you will need:

- styrofoam balls in the sizes of choice
- cording in colors of the season
- strong double sided adhesive tape


If you wish to decorate the balls with sequins and beads, you will need matching colors and short straight pins. Gather a bead and then a sequin onto the pin and then press into the ball. Continue in a pattern of choice.


1. Completely cover the ball with strong double sided tape. Starting at the top, press the end of the cording onto the tape and start winding the cording around it in a spiral like way. Make sure that the cording is touching the previous row to prevent the tape from showing through.
2. Continue winding until you reach the other end. Now press the cording firmly onto the ball several times, making sure that it adheres well to the tape.





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