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Cookie Tin with Plaster of Paris Sun Motif

If you like a quick and easy project, then all you need is a little bit of paint and a decorative motif and you can transform the tin into an attractive container.



Recycled Cookie Tin

For this project you will need:

- gold metallic spray paint
- empty cookie tin
- plaster of Paris motif such as a large sunshine
- plastic garbage bag or other plastic piece to cover your working space
- hot glue gun


1. You can buy prepared plaster of Paris casting decoration in all sizes. You can also choose to create your own if you have the supplies and molds needed. The sunshine piece here makes a wonderful motif because it is large and round and fits nicely on the tin.
2. Hot glue the plaster of Paris casting in the center of the lid of the cookie tin.
3. This step is best done outdoors because of the fumes... Following the directions on the spray paint can and spray an even coat of paint on both the lid and bottom of the tin. Make sure to catch the sides and grooves of the plaster of Paris casting as well. Let it dry and spray paint again to guarantee that the tin is well coated.
4. Let the tin thoroughly dry before using.


Make sure to work in a well ventilated place such as your terrace or patio when using the spray paint.

You may choose to give the tin an antique look by drybrushing dark brown or black on the edges.

You can also use steel wool and rub off some of the paint on the edges to give the tin a weathered look.

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Plaster of Paris Sun

Recycling Craft for Summer - Gold Cookie Tin with Plaster of Paris Sunshine Motif
Certain brands of cookies or biscuits get sold in metal tins which often get thrown away after being used. Sometimes, they do get used again, but look then very commercial. This is a great project to change that.





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Recycling Craft for Summer - Gold Cookie Tin with Plaster of Paris Sunshine Motif



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