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Pom Pom Christmas Tree

This sparkly and fuzzy tree is soft and cute and just requires a styrofoam cone and metallic pom-poms to make.



Cone Christmas Tree

For this project you will need:

Supplies for Pom Pom Tree

- styrofoam cone 12 cm high and about 7 cm at the base
- about 100-150 green metallic pom-poms measuring 1.5 cm in diameter (varies depending on how often you alternate the
- about 50-75 metallic red and silver pom-poms measuring 1.5 cm in diameter
- hot glue gun for adults or strong tacky glue for kids


1. Start at the base of the cone and glue a row of green pom-poms all around it. Make sure all of the pom-poms touch each other to prevent any of the cone from showing through.
2. Glue the next row except place a red or silver metallic pom-pom in between every 3rd green pom-pom.
3. Glue now the green, red and silver pom-poms randomly until you reach the top.
4. Glue a green pom-pom to the top tip.

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