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Cone Christmas Tree

This tree was originally a plain polystyrene cone. Decopatch paper was used to embellish it to create a Christmas tree out of it. Embellishments such as a mini silver garland and clear stars were added to finish off the look.



Cone Christmas Tree 1

For this project you will need:

Cone Christmas Tree Tutorial 1

- white polystyrene cone
- Décopatch paper in a Christmas green pattern
- Décopatch glue
- soft flat paint brush to apply the glue
- small silver garland to embellish the tree
- clear acrylic stars
- hot glue gun


Cone Christmas Tree Tutorial 2
1. Tear the paper into small 2-5 cm pieces. Thae shape of the paper does not matter and all sizes are helpful.

Cone Christmas Tree Tutorial 3
2. Brush glue onto the cone small sections at a time and apply the paper using the brush. After adding each new piece of paper, always brush a thin coat of glue over the paper before continuing. Cover the entire cone and then let it dry.
3. When the cone is dry add the embellishments as you please.




Cone Christmas Tree 2
A close-up image of the cone


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Cone Christmas Tree




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