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Colorful Magazine Files Embellished With Washi Tape

With washi tape anything can be instantly transformed from dull to brilliant. These inexpensive cardboard magazine files “Fluns” from Ikea and were plain white. But now they add instant color to the craft room whilst keeping all the craft magazines well organized.



Magazine Files With Washi Tape

For this project you will need:

- white cardboard magazine files such as the ones mentioned above or magazine files of your choice
- wash tape in colors of your choice
- scissors


Magazine File Tutorial 1
1. Apply the first strip of washi tape to the top of the magazine from right to left.

Magazine File Tutorial 2
2. Continue adding the next strips, placing them right next to the previous strip. Use the scissors to cut excess washi tape away along the outside edge of the magazine file.

Magazine File Tutorial 3
3. Once you reach the hole of the file, place the strip straight across just like in the previous rows.
Magazine File Tutorial 4
4. Cut 1 or 2 slits into the tape over the hole up until the edge.

Magazine File Tutorial 5
5. Then press these pieces of tape through the hole and press them against the file on the inside.

Magazine File Tutorial 6
6. Then the hole looks perfect and you can continue.

Magazine File Tutorial 7
7. The next piece of tape will be done in a similar manner. In this case, the tape covers the middle of the hole. Simply cut it in half and then cut again a couple more slits and press the ends towards the inside.

Magazine File Tutorial 8
8. Continue until you reach the bottom of the file and you are finished. If you are making more files, you can either use the same color pattern, or as we did, use the same colors of washi tape, but in a different order for each new file.

Washi Tape Craft - Colorful Magazine  Files
A close up of the magazine files. The colors are so cheerful and vibrant.





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Magazine Files With Washi Tape



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