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Christmas Craft Tutorials


Christmas Craft Tutorials
Christmas is the season for creating decorations for the home and gifts for friends and family. Here you will find many illustrated tutorials to Christmas projects found on this website.

German Paper Star (Froebel Star)
This step-by-step tutorial shows how these dimensional stars are made.   Page 2   Page 3

Making Bascetta Paper Stars (New)
This star looks very complicated to make at first but once you realize that it is simply a lot of repetition, you will see it is actually easy to make.

Gift Wrapping Tube Angel (New)
This angel is a gorgeous addition to any room during the holidays.

Making Clay Christmas Ornaments and Figures (New)
The motif possibilities are endless!

”Stained Glass” Paper Snowflakes Window Decoration (New)
These add beaufitul color to your windows, even on dark and dreary days.

Paper Snowman Garland (New)
When it comes to snowmen, the more the merrier!

Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Make Woven Paper Hearts Christmas Ornaments
These hearts are like a mix of the Fröbel Stars (German Paper Stars) because of the technique of making them and the Danish Woven Hearts because of how they look. Combined you have small and cute ornaments that are so fun to make and once you get the hang of making them, you will not be able to stop. This tutorial is shown using 4 different colored strips to help it be easier with following the steps. Normally you create these hearts with just two colors.

Natural Straw Star Ornaments for the Christmas Tree
Create pretty and natural looking ornaments... just like in the old days.

Easy Translucent Star 3
The third of a series of translucent stars to decorate your windows around the holidays.

Transparent Paper Star 4 Tutorial
These are much easier to make than they look.

Transparent Paper Star 5 Tutorial
An easy and colorful way to decorate your windows during the Christmas season.

Paper Christmas Ornament
Create this quick and easy ornament to decorate your tree.

Origami Paper Star Tutorial
All you need is 2 sheets of origami paper to create these 3-D stars

Finnish Paper Star
These stars are so easy to make and beautifully decorate the windows

Paper Christmas Tree Garland
Kindergarten aged kids can create this craft in a group and decorate their trees.

Greeting Card Boxes
Recycle leftover greeting cards and create these gift boxes.

Wreath making
Follow this tutorial and create natural green wreaths for the holidays.

Danish Paper Heart Ornaments
Create these woven paper hearts to decorate your trees or packages

Paper Snowflakes
Easy to make paper snowflakes are a great decoration for your window in winter.

Easy Translucent Star 1
These stars are easy to craft and make a nice group project

Easy Translucent Star 2
This star is also easy to craft and looks great in your winter windows.

How to Sew a Christmas Stocking
Learn how easy it is to sew stockings you and your family will cherish for all Christmases to come!

Christmas CD Cover Instructions
Create a personal CD for your family and pack it in this handmade cover.

Mini-Translucent Star
These stars are so quick and easy to crafts and make great projects for kids.

How to Make a Terrycloth or Towel Basket for Christmas... or any occasion
You can use them as a festive way to keep your toiletries organized in the restroom during the holiday season or you can also adapt them as gift bags for Christmas. The basket itself is a gift plus whatever you decide to put into it.

Mini-Christmas Stocking Tutorial
A perfect size for the tree or to fill and give as a small gift.

Creating Holiday Cardboard Stars
These stars are great for decorating your tree or gift packages

How to make a Christmas Lantern
These lanterns make excellent centerpieces around the holidays.

Tutorial - Table Lantern Holiday Craft
Technique shows how easy it is to create this paper decoration for the holidays

Fabric Christmas Container Tutorial
These are practical as decorations, for organizing or to give as gifts.

3-D Eight Pointed Metal Christmas Star Tutorial
These will be the highlight of your tree or window this year and are so easy to make.



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Christmas Craft Tutorials
Christmas is the season for creating decorations for the home and gifts for friends and family. Here you will find many illustrated tutorials to Christmas projects found on this website.

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