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Oh Christmas Tree Christmas Card

Christmas is a special time of the year. We feel the desire to express our thoughts and feelings to so many people!  Creating personalized Christmas cards can say so much. You are showing how much you care not only by your words, but also for your time in creating them a special individualized card. It does not have to take a lot of time. This particular card is made within a matter of minutes once you have the supplies together.



Christmas Card - Christmas Tree Greeting Card for the Holidays

For this project you will need:

- white blank card measuring 10.5 x 15 cm when folded
- green cardstock
- gold peel off stickers with stars, snowflakes, border and vertical Christmas sentiment
- gold mesh ribbon, about 5.5 cm wide
- stick glue
- wet glue

Craft Pattern:

Christmas Tree Template

Christmas Tree (cut so the tree measures 11 cm in height)






1. Print out the tree to a size of 11 cm and transfer the markings to the green cardstock. Cut out the tree. Stick a few peel-off sticker stars to embellish the tree. Set aside for a moment.
2. Cut out a 2.5 cm strip of green cardstock that is 15 cm high. Adhere it to the left hand side of the card, about 5 mm from the edge. Use a peel-off sticker border to cover the left side of the strip and make it pretty.
3. Adhere your sentiment to the green strip.
4. Cut the ribbon so that it is about 13 cm high. Adhere it to the card using stick glue.
5. Now use wet glue to adhere the tree to the card. This will also simultaneously secure the ribbon also down a bit more.
6. To finish the card, add a couple of snowflakes to the white areas of the card.

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Christmas Card - Christmas Tree Greeting Card for the Holidays



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