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Easy Christmas Tree Greeting Card

Peel-off stickers are fun to use and there are lots of motifs available. Here a tree sticker was used to create this Christmas card. This card uses a combination of other craft techniques as well and it is finished in a very short time.



Christmas Card - Easy Christmas Tree Greeting Card for the Holidays

For this project you will need:

- white blank cardstock, 21 x 15 cm in size and measuring 10.5 x 15 cm when folded
- light green and dark green cardstock
- sheet of heavy quality white aquarell paper, (300 g/m²) in weight
- water color pencils in shades of green, red, orange and yellow
- water brush or small paint brush and water
- Christmas tree peel-off sticker of choice (the sticker should not be solid, but rather an outline of a tree)
- peel-off sticker with sentiment
- black permanent marker
- Christmas embossing folder with trees for example (from Sizzix)
- embossing machine of choice that is compatible with the embossing folder
- 3 green metallic mini brads
- decorative edged scissors
- scissors
- ruler
- stick glue
- 3-d foam pads or tape
- pricking needle or sewing needle
- pricking mat or soft underground such as piece of cardboard, fun foam or mouse pad


1. Use the black permanent marker and color the tree, a snowflake and the sentiment. Go over it again a second time after drying if the color does not cover the stickers well enough.
2. Once the sticker has dried, adhere it onto aquarell paper. First use the pencils to color the inside areas of the tree. Use more than one shade of green for the tree to make it look more interesting. Then use the water brush to paint over the pencil markings and blend the colors together. Once dry, cut the paper out into a rectangle with about 5 mm on all sides of the tree. Adhere this rectangle onto green card and then use the decorative edged scissors to trim around the rectangle with a 5 mm border on all sides. Add a snowflake to the scene if desired. Set it aside for a moment.
3. Cut out a 7.5 cm x 10.5 piece of light green cardstock and emboss it. Then adhere it to the bottom of the card.
4. Cut a 1 x 10.5 cm strip of dark green cardstock and then adhere it to the card as a divider between the light green paper and the card itself.
5. Prick 3 holes at the top right of the card and insert the brads. Cover the backside of the card cover with a piece of white card that is slightly smaller than the cover itself. This will cover the brads on the inside of the card.
6. Adhere the sentiment on a piece of aquarell paper and cut out in a rectangular shape. Cut a same size piece of dark green card and adhere it to the backside of the sentiment as if it is a shadow. Now adhere the sentiment to the card.
7. Use 3-D foam tape to now stick the tree motif to the card.

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Christmas Card - Easy Christmas Tree Greeting Card for the Holidays



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