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Christmas Tea Light Covers

During the winter months, nothing is more warm and inviting than candle light. These tea light covers are so quick and easy to make and with the large choice of paper napkins with Christmas motifs, you are sure to find a design to enhance your decor.



Tea Light Covers With Winter Scenes

For this project you will need:

- two 18 cm x 18 cm sheets of durable one sided clear adhesive foil
- one 16 cm x 16 cm size paper napkin with motif of choice - you will need two quarters of this napkin
- sewing machine and coordinating colored thread
- tea light glass
- either a LED tea light or a real tea light (never leave glass unattended when using a real tea light)


Instructions - Tea Light Candle Cover 1
1. Cut two paper napkin quarters exactly the same size and remove all but the top layer of each paper napkin quarter.

Instructions - Tea Light Candle Cover 2
2. Take your first foil square. It is larger than the napkin at this point. Peel off the protective paper and carefully adhere a paper napkin quarter to this square. The best way to do this is to place the foil down on the table with the sticky side facing up. Then place the prepared paper napkin down onto the foil with the pretty side down. (If you try to do it the other way with the paper napkin facing upwards on the table and the foil over it with the sticky side down, the static from the foil pulls the napkin up and possibly causes it to stick to the wrong area of the foil). Then use your fingers and smoothen the napkin. It is important that the paper napkin does not wrinkle.

Instructions - Tea Light Candle Cover 3
3. Repeat step 2 for the second foil square. Then trim the excess foil away from the napkin pieces.

Instructions - Tea Light Candle Cover 4
4. Place the two napkin quarters so that the backsides are facing the inside and the shiny side is facing outwards. Use paper clips to hold the two napkin pieces together. If you pin them, it will leave holes.

Instructions - Tea Light Candle Cover 5
5. Now sew a sewing line down each side. The top and bottom of the cover remain open so you can slip them over a glass afterwards. The seam allowance is 7 mm or about 1/4 inch. Afterwards, insert your tea light glass and enjoy the light.

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