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Wooden Christmas Snowman

It is time to start thinking about Christmas presents! Especially if you are the type who likes to craft them instead of buying them! Wood makes a great medium for homemade gifts! You can saw just about anything out and with a bit of color and few special effects, you can create all of your special friends and relatives individual gifts that no store can offer!



Christmas Wood Craft - Wooden Snowman with Star Shelf Decoration

For this project you will need:

- plywood 8mm thick
- plywood 4 mm thick
- jute ribbon in dark green
- 12 mm wooden red beads
- 2 small red bells
- sturdy wire
- pom pom
- acrylic paint in white
- light brown, red, green, orange and gold
- drill with 1.5 mm and 3.5 mm bits
- 35 mm x 3,5 cm screw
- hot glue gun with glue
- pattern

Craft Patterns:

Snowman Dekoration

Snowman Template  

Stars 100

Star Templates






1. Print out the pattern. Follow the instructions below for transferring the patterns onto the wood. Transfer the snowman and the star on the thick piece of wood and the nose on to the thin piece. Also on the thin piece draw a rectangle measuring 8 cm x 15 cm and saw it out as well.
2. Once sawed out, paint the pieces in the appropriate colors. Once dry, drybrush the pieces in a contrast color. Here, the white areas and the nose are shaded with light brown, and the hat is shaded with white.
3. Once painted and dried, use wood glue to glue nose onto the snowman’s face and let dry.
4. Add details to the snowmans hat using white color. You may choose to spatter white paint onto the red and green areas using a toothbrush. Dip the toothbrush slightly into white paint, and by using your index finger, brush over the bristles causing the paint to sprinkle color over your piece. Practice this technique before doing it onto your project.
5. Dot 2 black eyes on the snowman’s face. Once dry, dot a small white dot into the the black dots.
6. Drill a hole using the 1,5 mm bit in each of the hands. Drill a hole also using the 1,5 mm bit through the star sideways at one of the tips. Cut a longer piece of wire and add the star to the wire and a bead on each side of it. Coil the wire on both sides and before inserting the ends into the snowman hands, add a bell on each side.
7. Using a hot glue gun, glue a piece of jute ribbon around his neck for a scarf.
8. Glue the pom pom to his hat.
9. Drill a hole with the 3,5 mm bit in the bottom of the snowman in the center and drill a hole through the rectangle. Insert a screw from the bottom of the floor piece and into the snowman and screw the screw tightly into the snowman.

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Christmas Wood Craft - Wooden Snowman with Star Shelf Decoration



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