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Christmas Wall Quilt / Wall Hanging

Create this lovely country style quilt in one weekend and decorate your walls with it for the holidays. The reindeer, mitten, stocking, tree, sled and star motifs are typical seasonal favorites and the quilt is made using only 3 colors of patchwork fabric. Of course, would it not be wonderful to have this as a bed quilt? Just continue making more blocks until you have enough to cover a bed and assemble as you would for the wall hanging (without the rod).



Christmas Quilt - Wallhanging

For this project you will need:

- 50 cm length cotton beige fabric or homespun fabric (Fabric “A”)
- 50 cm red, green and beige checked cotton patchwork fabric (Fabric “B”)
- 1 meter green cotton patchwork fabric (Fabric “C”)
- batting for the quilt
- scrap piece of dark red patchwork fabric
- 1 green button and 1 silver button
- 2 small jingle bells
- dark green 4mm glass beads
- sewing thread in beige, red and green
- fusible web for applications
- 2 wooden balls measuring 3 cm (for the hanging rod)
- wooden rod measuring about 54 cm long and 6 cm in diamter
- red velvet or cotton ribbon for hanging
- basic sewing supplies

Craft Patterns:

Reindeer and Star

Reindeer and Star

Mitten and Stocking

Mitten and Stocking

Sled, Tree and Christmas Presents

Tree, Presents and Sleigh






Cut the fabric:

- Fabric “A” - 30 x 30 blocks
- Fabric “B” - 12 pieces of 4 x 28 cm strips for the block borders
- Fabric “C” - 12 strips measuring 4 x 28 cm for the block borders, 1 strip measuring 5 cm x 240 cm for the bias (border)
                     and approximately a 75 x 52 piece for the backside*

- Batting - approximately a 75 x 52 cm piece*

- Scrap Pieces in all 3 colors for the appliques

* After sewing the 6 blocks together and ironing them, measure the length and width to get the exact size you need for the backside and for the batting!

The quilt is made very similar to this Spring Butterfly Quilt and this Easter Patchwork Quilt. The illustrated tutorials below show you the steps to making the butterfly quilt. Follow the instructions, but use the Christmas fabric and motifs instead of the recommended ones in the tutorial.

Illustrated Craft Tutorials:

Fusing Fabric Tutorial

Print out each of the pattern pages so that they fit the printer paper. Transfer the markings on the back of the fusible web and iron on the appropriate fabrics. More here about fusing fabric.



Butterfly Quilt Wall Hanging 1

Cut 6 beige blocks 30 cm x 30 in size. Follow the tutorial here for the spring quilt >>> Step 1 - Creating the Appliques and Preparing the Blocks and replace the blocks and applications with these from this Christmas quilt.



Butterfly Quilt Wall Hanging 2

Now you will want to assemble the blocks. Follow the tutorial here >>> Step 2 - Sewing the Blocks Together



Butterfly Quilt Wall Hanging 3

Now it is time for the final step >>> Step 3 - Adding the Binding, Stitching the Appliques and Adding the Hanging Loops



We added a rod to hanging the quilt instead of loops. To do this, sew the rod inside of the bias at the top before hand closing it and glue a wooden ball to each side.





19+ Rustic Country Sewing PatternsThis wall quilt can also be found on this lovely collection page of 19+ Rustic Country Sewing Patterns at All Free Sewing!


Details of the Quilt Applications

Christmas Quilt - Wall Hanging - Detail of Sled
Decorate the sleigh with a ribbon bow made from the checked patchwork fabric and add a jingle bell to the bow.

Christmas Quilt - Wallhanging - Detail of Reindeer
Sew a ribbon bow and attach a  jingle bell to the reindeer using the same fabric as the reindeer.

Christmas Quilt - Wall Hanging - Detail of Stocking
Tie a fabric bow using the same fabric as the stocking and sew on.

Christmas Quilt - Wall Hanging - Detail of Star
To decorate the star, form a bow using the checked patchwork fabric and sew on a green button.

Christmas Quilt - Wall Hanging - Detail of Mitten
Make a bow and sew on. Add a silver button to decorate the mitten.

Christmas Quilt - Wall Hanging- Detail of Christmas Tree
Decorate the tree with glass beads and add a bow to complete.


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