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Last Minute Christmas Paper Craft - Pricked Paper Christmas Luminaries

If you need a last minute table decoration, you can quickly and easily alter straight glasses, such as whisky glasses, into festive luminaries with just paper and bit of washi tape. The advantage of this project is once Christmas is over, you can remove the paper and use the glasses again as usual.



Christmas Craft - Pricked Paper Luminaries

For this project the following supplies were used:

Tea Light Luminaries Supplies

- white construction paper
- red translucent paper
- washi tape with a red and white design for Christmas
- stick glue
- simple patterns such as stars, trees, etc...
- pricking needle(s) - if possible a thicker needle and a thinner needle for an interesting effect
- pricking mat or soft mat like a mouse pad
- pencil with eraser

Craft Pattern:

Christmas Templates and Silhouettes

Christmas Templates, Shapes and Silhouettes





Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Pricked Paper Luminaries Tutorial 1
1. First measure the height and circumference of your glass. Cut as many sheets of red translucent paper and white constuction paper as you have in glasses. You will cut the exact height of the glass plus the circumference of the glass with an centimeter extra in overlap. In this case, 3 glasses were made so 3 strips of each paper was cut.

Pricked Paper Luminaries Tutorial 2
2. Then mark a line about 3.5 centimeters down the length of the paper. The area below this line will not be pricked.

Pricked Paper Luminaries Tutorial 3
3. Then use a pencil and draw the shapes in the area above the 3.5 centimeter line. On 1 centimeter of each short side, do not make any marks. This is the area that will overlap once you wrap the glass with the paper.

Pricked Paper Luminaries Tutorial 4
4. Use the larger needle or pricking needle to prick the outer edges of the shapes.

Pricked Paper Luminaries Tutorial 5
5. If you have a smaller or thinner needle, poke smaller holes on the shape. This side you are working on is the side that will face the glass afterwards. Once you have finished, you can erase the pencil marks.

Pricked Paper Luminaries Tutorial 6
6. This is the side that will be facing outwards. The holes are raised.

Pricked Paper Luminaries Tutorial 7
7. Now glue the red strip of translucent paper on the side of the white paper that will be facing the inside of the glass. (The side of the poked holes).

Pricked Paper Luminaries Tutorial 8
8. Now tightly wrap the glass with the paper and glue down the 1 centimeter short edge of the paper and overlap the other side to close off.

Pricked Paper Luminaries Tutorial 9
9. To add a finished look to the bottom of the glass, a piece of washi tape was taped in the area below the 3.5 centimeter line.




Christmas Craft - Tea Light Luminaries

Pricked Paper Table Luminaries

Christmas Decoration - Pricked Paper Luminaries

Pricked Paper Luminaries

Christmas Tea Light Luminaries

Tea Light Luminaries for Christmas

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