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Reusable Christmas Glass Covers for Tea Lights

There is no need to buy fancy candle glasses when you can make your own. These glass covers can be made to cover a candle glass or whiskey glass and then when the season is over, the covers can be exchanged for ones that fit the next occasion. And when Christmas comes again, you can reuse these covers as well.



Christmas Tea Light Covers

For this project you will need:

- straight glasses or whiskey glasses (these were about 9 cm high)
- paper napkin with autumn motifs such as leaves - it works best to have motifs that are all around the napkin
- a laminating machine > if you do not have a laminating machine, see instructions below at ***
- scissors and ruler
- clear one sided sticky tape no wider than 1 centimeter or 1/4 inch


Paper Napkin Used for Glass Cover 
This is the napkin that was chosen for this project. It is important to choose paper napkins with small motifs or all over motifs.

Christmas Tea Light Cover Tutorial 1
1. First remove the top layer of the napkin. The top layer is the piece you will be keeping. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions of the laminating machine. For the machine used for this project, the napkin layer then gets placed inside of the laminating sheet. Press out all of the wrinkles while you can. Turn on the machine and wait for the signal to begin. With the machine used for this project, the closed side gets then entered into the slot and the machine then pulls the sheet through. The image here shows the laminated napkin.

Christmas Tea Light Cover Tutorial 2
2. Measure your glass circumference and cut the napkin to size plus one centimeter or 1/4 inch overlap in the length. One napkin was enough for both glasses in this case.

Christmas Tea Light Cover Tutorial 3
3. Place double-sided sticky tape onto one of the short ends of each of your covers. Pull the protective paper away.

Christmas Tea Light Cover Tutorial 4
4. Place the non sticky side onto the glass and wrap the cover around the glass. Once you reach the other end, make sure the cover is sitting tight enough around the glass without being too tight (because you will want to be able to remove it again when you no longer need it). It is important to stick the cover to the cover and not the glass.

Christmas Tea Light Cover Tutorial 5
5. The lamination gives the cover a shiny look as if it is glass itself.


*** If you do not have a laminating machine, then you can use a clear one sided sticky foil or contact paper as an alternative. Cut it larger than the size of the napkin piece you are using in case you don’t get the napkin straight on it, it won’t matter. Then remove the protective paper. Place the piece then on the table with the sticky side up and then place the napkin onto the piece with the pretty side up and then gently stick the napkin slowly onto the foil, trying to avoid wrinkles during the process. Cut then the piece to the needed size plus one centimeter or 1/4 inch overlap.




Autumn Tea Light Cover
These glass covers were made for the autumn season using the same technique. The falling leaves and the colors add a warm glow to the room. Find the project here: Reusable Autumn Glass Covers for Tea Lights


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Christmas Tea Light Covers




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