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Fabric Yo-Yo Embellished Paper Mache Box

Plain paper mache boxes have such a quaint look to them. Embellishments from sewing crafts such as fabric, and felt and a button were used to decorate this box to preserve the natural look.



Christmas Project - Paper Mache Gift Box 2

For this project you will need:

- small paper mache box, size of choice
- fabric of choice
- matching piece of stiff felt
- button to match fabric and felt
- ribbon of choice that is approximately the height of the box lid
- craft glue that is also good for gluing fabric
- needle and thread


1. The first thing you will need to do is make a yo-yo. If you have never made one of these before, you can look at this yo-yo tutorial to see how easy they are made. Depending on which size of box you are using, it will depend how large your beginning circle will be. Experiment with different sized circles to see which one will fit your box the best. Any yo-yo’s that do not fit can be used for other projects.
2. Once your yo-yo is made, glue it then onto the box lid. Die cut or cut out a stiff-felt star and glue it then onto the yo-yo to cover the center. Then finish the star off with a matching colored button.
3. The side of the rim is covered with a piece of ribbon which has been glued on with a very thin layer of glue.




Christmas Project - Paper Mache Gift Box 1
A great little package for all sorts of small gifts.


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Christmas Project - Paper Mache Gift Box




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