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Shiny Stars Christmas Cards

These cards are artistic and also one of a kind. No two cards will ever look alike.

First you will be creating a collage of shiny aluminum foil and metallic papers and once it is dry, you will be cutting stars out of the collage to use as motifs for your Christmas cards.



Christmas Card With Foil Stars

For these Christmas cards you will need:

- a sheet of cardstock (should be of a thicker quality) or a cereal box side (or similar)
- decoupage glue and flat paint brush
- a sheet of aluminum foil
- gold, silver and copper colored papers, wrapping paper, metallic foil, tapes, etc...
- craft glue that dries clear
- glitter glue in the colors of gold, silver and copper and iridescent
- glitter in the colors of gold, silver and/ or copper
- scissors
- peel-off sticker borders, peel-off sticker stars, peel-off sticker sentiments

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Gold and Silver Stars Christmas Card Tutorial 1
1. First of all, cover the sheet of cardstock or cereal box side with a layer of glue.

Gold and Silver Stars Christmas Card Tutorial 2
2. Then adhere the aluminum foil sheet over the glue and press the foil onto the cardstock or cereal box to smoothen out the wrinkles.

Gold and Silver Stars Christmas Card Tutorial 3
3. Tear or cut out many pieces of the various papers and foils you selected to use for this project.

Gold and Silver Stars Christmas Card Tutorial 4
4. Brush a layer of decoupage glue onto the aluminum foil and adhere the pieces of paper onto the glue. Brush a second coat of glue onto the paper. It may look milky at first, but the glue should dry clear. The shininess of the aluminum foil will also remain after the glue dries.

Gold and Silver Stars Christmas Card Tutorial 5
5. Continue until the whole sheet of aluminum foil is covered with papers. It does not matter if a bit of aluminum foil is showing through. That adds to the beauty of the project.

Gold and Silver Stars Christmas Card Tutorial 6
6. Now you can use the glitter glues to draw lines and clear glue to add drops all over the aluminum foil. While the glues are still wet, sprinkle glitter of your choice onto the surface. Tap any excess glitter off of the piece and then let it dry overnight before continuing.

Gold, Copper and Silver Stars
When the next day arrives, turn the sheet over and draw or trace the motifs you wish to use on the backside (paper side). Cut out the motifs and then they will be ready to use for decorating your cards. The best is to cut out different sized stars for a variety.

Above and below you will find examples of how cards were designed using the star motifs.

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Shiny Stars Christmas Card Craft

Shiny Stars Christmas Cards
There is no limit how you can arrange the stars onto your cards.


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