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Christmas Candles

There are times and occasions you need small Christmas gifts that are quickly made and don’t cost a lot. If you keep a couple of candles, scrapbook paper and ribbon on hand, you can whip up quick and easy presents within a few minutes. Having a die cutting machine and scallop and circle dies helps in cutting out the shapes but if you don’t have one, you can still use scissors to cut circles out.



Christmas Craft - Candles Decorated with Christmas Papers 1

For this project you will need:

- candle about 50 centimeters in diameter (the candle should not be too wide, or you cannot wrap the paper completely
  around it)
- 2 coordinating pieces of scrapbook paper (one sheet should have small motifs that you can cut out and the second sheet will
  be more of a contrasting border)
- die cutting machine with circle and scallop dies (not mandatory)
- ribbon matching the color of the paper
- 3-D foam tape
- other embellishments you may have around that would look nice decorating the candle such as brads, eyelets, etc...


1. Cut the main design out at a height you find appropriate and at a width that will wrap completely around the candle plus 1 centimeter overlap. From the second “border” sheet, the height should be about a centimeter wider than the first piece and the same width. Adhere now the first piece centered over the second so that a 5mm border can be seen at the top and bottom. Now wrap the papers tightly around the candle and adhere at the overlap.
2. Cut a circle from the main design in a way that a motif is centered on it. Cut out a second same motif out if possible and adhere it to over the circle with 3-D foam tape. If it is not possible to cut out an exact motif, such as the snowflake, a brad or other item can embellish the motif.
3. Cut out a scallop (if you have a die cutting machine) or a second circle that is larger than the main circle motif. If you do not have a die cutting machine, you can embellish the second circle by pricking even spaced holes all around the outside edge of the circle, for example. Now adhere the main design circle centered over the scallop (or larger circle) using 3-D foam tape. Set aside for a moment.
4. Wrap a ribbon around the candle and tie of a pretty bow. Use a small piece of wire and attach the scallop to the ribbon.




Christmas Craft - Candle Decorated with Christmas Papers 1
This is an example of a candle with brown and creme colored design with snowflakes.

Christmas Craft - Candle Decorated with Christmas Papers 2
This is an example of a candle with red and brown colored design with birdies.

Christmas Craft - Candle Decorated with Christmas Papers 4
This is an example of a candle with blue design with cute penguin.


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Christmas Craft - Candles Decorated with Christmas Papers




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