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Illustrated Craft Tutorial For Older Kids - How to Make an Easy and Expensive Wreath
Method 1 - Straw Wreath
Supplies needed: cardboard, hay, low temperature hot glue gun

An easy project for kids to make and then decorate according to the season. These are recommended to be hung in protected areas that do not get rained on. Recommended for ages 8 and up



Child's Wreath 1

1. Cut a ring out of a cardboard box.

Child's Wreath 2

2. Spread hot glue on the top side of the ring and lay groups of hay on it until it is completely covered. (Always be careful when using a hot glue gun!)

Child's Wreath 3

3. Using floral wire, wrap around many times to secure the hay. At this point, you may add more hay under the wire to make it fuller.

Child's Wreath 4

4. The wreath is now ready to decorate.



Method 2 - Fall Wreath With Leaves
Supplies needed: cardboard, artificial leaves, low temperature hot glue gun, decorating elements such as pine cones, acorns, nuts, wheat heads, etc...



Child's Wreath 5

5. Cut a cardboard ring out.

Child's Wreath 6

6. Collect a lot of pretty artificial leaves.

Child's Wreath 7

7. Hot glue the first leaf onto the wreath. (Always be careful when using a hot glue gun!)

Child's Wreath 8

8. Continue adding leaves by adding a drop of glue to the ring and pressing and layering the leaf about halfway over the first.

Child's Wreath 9

9. When you reach the end, add the last leaf and tuck the bottom of the last leaf under the top of the first leaf.




Autumn Crafts for Kids - Easy Wreath
Child’s Wreath Project
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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