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Chenille Pig Pencil Pal

Writing becomes a lot more fun when such a cute character is assisting. This little pig pal is quick and easy to craft but a little patience is needed until the glue dries. Chenille is fun. Practice with different colors of chenille to create other animals like bears, mice, cats, lions, penguins, cows, etc... and follow the basic assembly steps. Size of head is about 5 cm or 2 inches.



Spring Craft for Kids - Cute Chenille Pig Pencil Pal Topper

For this project you will need:

- long piece of pink chenille
- 2 x 1 cm wiggle eyes
- small pink button
- satin pink ribbon
- pencil
- strong craft glue

Tip: If parents wish to assist to speed up drying time, a hot glue gun can be used to glue the necessary parts. Please supervise children when using the hot glue gun to avoid burns or injuries.


1. Start curling your chenille into a spiral form until around 3-4 inches of chenille is left. On the last round, pinch 2 ear forms and bring the rest of the chenille around the side of the face. Cut any remaining chennile away.
2. Using the remaining small piece of chenille, form a small round spiral piece for the snout.
3. Decide which side of the chenille will be the front and lay that side down. Make a line of glue down the middle, starting at the top of the head and lay the pencil over the glue. If necessary, use glue to secure any chenille that does not want to stay in place. Make sure the glue cannot be seen from the front side.
4. Wait a couple of minutes for the glue to dry and then turn over.
5. Glue the snout piece on the face center and then glue the button on it.
6. Glue on the wiggly eyes.
7. When piece is dry, tie a ribbon bow around the pencil. Finished is your new pal.

Spring Craft for Kids - Cute Chenille Pig Pencil Pal Topper 2
Ages 8 and older




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Spring Craft for Kids - Cute Chenille Pig Pencil Pal Topper





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