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Chenille Easter Bunny on a Stick

This soft and fuzzy bunny is fun for young hands to create for Easter. It is not complicated to make and only requires only up to 30 minutes time to complete. Hot glue was used to assemble the bunny because it instantly holds the pieces well together, so parental supervision is highly recommended when kids are making this. Tacky glue could also be used, but the drying time will be a lot longer. The finished bunny can be used in all sorts of ways... such as a puppet for story telling, a bookmarker or a even as a plant stick.



Easter Craft - Chenille Easter Bunny

For this project you will need:

- 4 x white 50 cm chenille (pipe cleaner) stems
- scrap pink chenille (pipe cleaner) stem
- pink 6 mm half bead
- one black 4 mm wooden bead (or 2 black colored half beads)
- thin black wire
- wooden egg
- low temp glue (Caution is recommended and parental supervision is advised)
- craft stick (tongue depressor or popsicle stick)
- craft knife

Ages 8 and older


1. Braid three white chenille stems together.
2. Cut a 15 cm or 6 inch piece of the stem off. Coil both of these braided stems in a snail shape.
3. Holding the small snail shape together, glue it to the top of the craft stick. This will be the head.
4. Now hold the larger snail shape together and glue it below the head.
5. Cut a 2 cm piece of white chenille for the snout. Coil it also into a snail shape and glue it to the face.
6. For the ears, cut 2 x 10 cm white chenille stems. Bend each of the pieces in half. Insert a scrap piece of pink chenille in the middle of each ear. Hold each ear together and and glue each completed ear then to the back of the head.
Parents need to help with this step if using a whole wooden black bead: place the black bead on the table with the hole facing up. Use the craft knife and press down on the hole causing the bead to divide in half. Glue both halves on the face as eyes.
7. For the whiskers, cut 2 small pieces of thin black wire and glue them across the center of the snout. Glue one small piece of wire straight down as if towards a mouth. Then glue the pink half bead over the two pieces of wire as a nose.
8. For the arms, cut 2 x 12 cm pieces of white chenille and fold each one in half. Take the first folded piece and glue the open end to the right side of the the bunny at the height of the shoulder. Now repeat this for the left side.
9. Glue a wooden egg underneath one of the bunny hands.

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Easter Craft - Chenille Easter Bunny





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