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Christmas CD Cover for Homemade Christmas CDs

Not quite sure what to give for the holidays? One idea would be to create a CD with favorite Christmas songs. Then pull out your craft supplies and make a special cover to keep the CD in. It looks then like a CD card. Slip the CD in the inside pocket and it will not fall out. On the other inside half, include a list of the song titles or decorate it as you please. This packaging is just an example of how your cover could look. Follow the basic instructions on how to create the CD cover. Then decorate it according to your own taste and use what you have already at home to embellish it.



Christmas Paper Craft - Easy to Make Cover for a Christmas CD

For this project you will need:

- cardstock printed in Christmas design - 1 piece measuring 30 cm x 15 cm and 1 piece measuring 12 cm x 15 cm
- sewing machine
- matching thread
- scissors
- ruler

To make a CD cover with corrugated cardboard, you will need the following materials:

- 1 strip of corrugated cardboard - 15cm high and 5cm wide (the grain  is vertical)
- 1 piece of corrugated cardboard - 30cm long  and 15 cm high (the grain is vertical)
- 1 piece of corrugated cardboard - 12 cm wide and 15 cm high (the grain is horizontal)
- hole puncher and eyelet tool
- 5 gold or brass eyelets
- 4 gold brads

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

CD Cover Tutorial 75

Follow the step-by-step tutorial for Christmas CD cover to craft this project.




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Christmas Paper Craft - Easy to Make Cover for a Christmas CD



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