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Christmas Card with Holiday Peel-Off Sticker Designs

Peel-off stickers come in so many motifs, it is almost hard to choose which ones to use for your cards. We selected holiday designs such as a holly leaf, a candle and a bell to complete this card. Each motif was small enough so that three would fit onto one card. You can create a card such as the one here within 30 minutes. The images below show you how to create the colored insides of the motifs by using the negatives that would have been otherwise discarded.



Christmas Card - Frohe Festtage - Peel Off Stickers
You can create one-of-a-kind cards within no time.

For this project you will need:

- 1 blank white card
- red cardstock
- silver peel-off stickers with Christmas motifs
- silver peel-off stickers with Christmas sentiment
- silver peel-off stickers with stars
- 3-D foam tape
- decorative edged scissors
- scissors
- permanent sticker markers for coloring the designs
- tweezers
- stick glue


1. First peel off three motifs and place each on white textured cardstock. Leave enough space between the motifs for cutting. Look at the pictures below for “coloring in” the motifs using the negatives.
2. Now you need to cut out a square or rectangle around each of the three motifs. Each square or rectangle should be the same size.
2. Adhere now each square or rectangle on red cardstock and cut a small border around each motif.
3. Add 3-D foam tape to the backside of each motif and put aside for the moment.
4. Create a diagonal separation on card from starting at the upper left side and going down towards the right corner.
5. Adhere now the 3 rectangles along this color border.
6. Add sticker greeting to the bottom right of the card.
7. Randomly place peel-off sticker stars on both the red and white sections.

To color the sticker insides:

Peel-Off Sticker Tutorial 3
1. Remove the sticker and place it on the card or other element you wish to decorate. Color the “negatives” left behind on the sticker sheet with the permanent sticker markers.

Peel-Off Sticker Tutorial 4
2. Remove the colored “negatives” from the sticker sheet using tweezers.

Peel-Off Sticker Tutorial 5
3. Place these “negatives” back to their original areas of the sticker.

Peel-Off Sticker Tutorial 6
4. Now you have a colored sticker to decorate your paper craft or card.

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Christmas Card - Frohe Festtage - Peel Off Stickers



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