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Colorful Paper Butterflies Craft

Take a paperback book page, paint it with a few colors and let it dry, cut out the shapes and then glue it all together. That is how easy this project is. Each butterfly is an original and would look great decorating a wall or door. Each butterfly is a unique work of art.

If you do not want to use any books (which is understandable), then you can also use plain paper or if you like the look of the print, consider finding magazine pages that have a lot of text written or even an old telephone book that you still may have instead.



Paper Butterflies Craft

For one butterfly you will need:

- paperback book page
- color colors of choice of acrylic paints
- old and worthless plastic card similar to a credit card
- scissors
- butterfly template (see link below)
- black marker to outline

Recommended for ages 9 and above

Craft Template:

Butterfly Template 100

Butterfly Template






Paper Butterflies Tutorial 1
1. Make sure you have something on your table to protect it from paint. Then place a few drops of the acrylic paint onto the paperback book page in random spaces.

Paper Butterflies Tutorial 2
2. Then swipe the card over the page. Continue in different directions to cover the whole page. Try not to mix the colors too often or they will look muddy. Let the page dry. If excess paint is still on your card, swipe it onto a second page so you will not waste the paint.

Paper Butterflies Tutorial 3
3. Once dry, then turn the book page over and place the templates onto it and trace arond the shapes. Cut the shapes out and bend each one in the middle to crease it. Then glue the smaller wing on the larger one at the crease and afterwards the body onto the smaller wing at the crease. Let the glue dry and then bend the smaller wings upwards as needed to give the butterfly a 3-D look to it.

Example of Paper Butterfly
The shows you how a butterfly looks closer up.

Colorful Paper Butterflies for Kids
The more the merrier





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