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Easter Bunny Paper Napkin Holder

This bunny is a cute and easy idea for spring and lets kids help create decorations for the Easter dinner table.



Corrugated Bunny Paper Napkin Holder 1

For this project you will need:

- white corrugated card
- hole puncher (for the eyes)
- white cotton ball
- ribbon in a color of choice
- craft glue

Craft Pattern:

Sitting Bunny

Easter Bunny Craft Template - Draw a straight line at the bottom of the template.





Instructions: (you can choose to decorate just one side or both, depending on your preferences) - This bunny was only embellished on one side.

1. Print out and trace 2 Easter bunnies to a size of choice (at least 20 cm wide) onto the backside of corrugated card. Make sure that one bunny is facing reversed so that both corrugated sides will be facing outwards when the project is finished.
2. Parents may need to help here. To create the napkin holder itself, cut piece of corrugated card that measures 8 wide x 15 centimeters long. When the piece is facing you, the horizontal corrugated pattern should be across the 8 cm width. Now mark every 3 centimeters and then fold the piece at these marks. This creates 5 sides (4 sides plus a gluing side). Now glue the 5th side underneath the first to create a box shape. Glue the backside of one bunny to one side of the napkin holder. Then glue the other bunny to the other side.
3. Punch out the eyes. Create a bow for the bunny’s neck and glue it on. Use a clothes-pin to hold the bow in place until the glue dries.
4. Now comes the cotton tail. Glue it on and also hold it in place with a clothes-pin if necessary.

Corrugated Bunny Paper Napkin Holder 2
Recommended Age: 7 and above




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