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Illustrated SewingTutorial - Strawberry Potholder - Tutorial 4 for Sewing: How to Add a Hanging Loop and How to Stitch Through the Sewing Layers of your Patchwork Block

Strawberry Potholder 1- Appliquing the Motifs on the Fabric
Strawberry Potholder 2 - Assembling the Border and Block
Strawberry Potholder 3 - Binding
Strawberry Potholder 4 - Quilting, and Adding the Hanger Loop



Potholder 32

1. Take a 4 cm wide piece of strip and fold it lengthwise in half and press flat. Now fold it so that the 2 open ends are together. Sew these ends. Cut any excess seam allowance away.

Potholder 33

2. Turn the strip so that the sewn ends are on the inside of the loop.

Potholder 34

3. Lay the loop on the backside of your potholder and either use your sewing machine or handstitch the loop onto the block.

Potholder 35

4. Around the outer edge of the off white colored block, sew a line 0.7 cm from the sewn border all around the block. This will hold all 3 layers together and give the potholder a quilted look.

Potholder 36

5. Use a small and tight zig-zag stitch and now sew around the leaves with either white or green thread.

Potholder 37

6. Also using a zig-zag stitch, sew now around the red strawberries. You may also choose to hand stitch the motifs instead. This will give your potholder a more country look to it.




Summer Sewing Craft - Strawberry Potholder for the Kitchen
Strawberry Potholder Sewing Project
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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