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Corrugated Cardboard Birdhouse Decoration

This is a cheery wall or window decoration that kids can create for the summer months. This project requires a lot of cutting but other than that, it is easy to make.



Corrugated Cardboard Birdhouse Decoration

For this project you will need:

- corrugated cardboard in the colors of light brown, dark brown, red, yellow, white and green
- glue
- scissors
- hole puncher (to punch out the birds’ eyes)
- cereal box (to create permanent and stable templates)
- needle and thread for hanging

Recommended Ages: 9 and up

Craft Pattern:

Birdhouse Pattern for Children

Birdhouse Template







Print out the birdhouse pattern to fit the full size of your printer paper. Glue the pattern page then to the back of a cereal box and cut all of the pieces out. Now you have stable templates that make it so much easier to trace around.

1. Trace the birdhouse onto the backside of the tan light brown corrugated cardboard and cut out.
2. Trace one roof piece and two birds to the backside of the dark brown corrugated cardboard and cut out.
3. Trace two wing pieces on the backside of the red corrugated cardboard and cut out.
4. Trace two bird beaks and three flower centers on the backside of yellow corrugated cardboard and cut out.
5. Trace two stems and six leaves on the backside of green corrugated cardboard and cut out.
6. Cut a small strip about 7 mm in width and about 3-5 cm long and roll up. Glue the end and then set aside. This will be the perch of the bird house.
7. Use the picture as reference and glue the pieces onto the birdhouse. Start off by gluing the roof onto the house.
8. Cut out the hole in the center of the birdhouse.
9. Then glue the leaves and stems onto the birdhouse. Then follow with the flowers and birds.
10. When finished, glue the perch under the birdhouse hole.
11. Poke a small hole in the top center of the birdhouse and then use thread to hang it.

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